The truth..

Areen said: Thanks a lot for being such a good adviser to me, well, I hope I can make it through. like what you said just now, the assessment is difference in genders right? the feelings i feel for now are normal i suppose? tp, sy jenis yg xleh nk adapt ngn military la tn,like ble sy baca je pasal military sy xleh nk faham sgt..xtau la nape..

Areen said: Hey sir! first and foremost, thanks for the compliment, but you know sir, I am not that good. maybe in writings-yes, because I can have time for myself, an ample time to think, a duration that pleased me to jot them down. somehow, peeps are different in many ways they act, the varieties of acceptance, how they manipulate things, and so the deliverance are. As for me, I, more in observation, yeah, sure you can read blogs, and maybe to start blogging as in improvement needs practical in any ways, it's not deniable that there is human-gifted, no need to make self struggling to work things out, right? just put that aside and value 'ours' more =)

Areen said: Insyaallah sir, sy slalunye senang utk faham what I have learned, on learning, and also the outcomes, yet, I found it is really hard for me to pick up loghat tentera nie dgn cepat..ahahah maybe I can tell that my heart is not in army? maybe I was determined to be other type selain army nie?? bukan badan beruniform la kot? hehe

Oh sir, seriously la kan.. sy mmg nk mntak tolong sgt kat tn, kalo tn ade cara yg mudah utk nk hafal2 ape2 je yg berkaitan dgn tentera studies? maybe? boleh x tn ajar sy ape tue MAP sume.. ya allah, sy mmg xtau sume2 tue even I've learned them years back MANY times :P

Areen said:'alah bisa tegal biasa'.... -- yeahh, sy sgt setuju dgn sttmnt tn tue, freshie nie mmg slalu kene deal ngn mountain of workloads assigned, and itu sgt penat kan, but those were all lessons learned kn tn? insyaallah, predetermined is a way to succeed. :)

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paanFarhan said...

salam ramadhan mem n all of ur family~ ^^

Areen Zakaria said...

paan..kamu pun ye..puasa rajin2 tau..=)

Anonymous said...

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