Fill me with love. Love you my fiancee :*

Dear my hunny sayang/baby bucuk/sweetheart/pingu/future hubby _,
I love you.
You have a nice lips.(geramnye!!!)
You make me melted(only U!!)
You should sayangggggggg me wif all ur heart,baby!!
Someday I will make ur dreamS come true,hunny!!.
You + me = A comel spouse!!(wee!!)
If I saw you now I'd hugged u tight
I want to marry you.
I would build a family just for you.(with you!!)
If I could sing you any song it would be doa seorang kekasih.(any req frm u syg )
We could honeymoon under the stars.(after we settled down la..wpn dlm mimpi.wekk!)
Your beloved future wife

(P.S. Kiss u!Muahhhhx :*_____________.)

Dear _my bakal isteri yg dirindui
I _olwiz love__ you.
You have a nice __smile
You make me __miss you every seconds we are apart from each other
You should __try your best to keep our relationship last forever
Someday I will _eat your delicous cook, become a passenger and you will be the driver, and hope to be your lovely husband in the future
You + me = __cute and sweet baby jr ( and beriman as well..insya ALLAH).
If I saw you now I'd __hug + kiss + gigit you!!!
I want to __marry______ you. (don't want anyone else)
I would build a __happy family_____ just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be __insan bernama kekasih (tapi x pandai menyanyi..hehe)
We could __plan our future together__ under the stars.
Your beloved future hubby

(P.S. I will olwiz love you wif all my heart..muahhx!! .)


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