Areen's On The Newspaper!! Check it out guys! =)

Utusan Malaysia Online - Johor


I called it the 'day'. Those were the memorable moment I won't forget for all my whole lifetime being a degree holder (Bachelor in Computer Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)). This article was the interviewing conducted between the press from Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Kosmo, etc and I. I'd be one of the First Class Degree holder (First class Honors) after my best friend Kapt Farah Shafinaz binti Shaharuddin who is also my close study mate during my degree's. I was quite nervous on that time, but on top of that I still pray countless thanks to GOD for rewarding my effort as I managed to complete my degree, level ONE, and ya know what? somewhere deep inside, there's line stated considering part of my wish-list's dreams: as in furthering my studies whenever chances that life may offer. If GOD's will. I Will. No Hesitate :)

Insyaallah (=

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Cikgu Mizi said...

fuiyo.. msuk paper..
btol2 ke pe y ko bgtau tu.. bkn tido je ke..??

Areen Zakaria said...

cikgu mizi.. hahaha..
betol la tue, amalkan ye :)

/Dayah//Nurul/ said...

tahniah....wah, hebat dlm study ni mesti top student ni :)

Areen Zakaria said...

hehehhe.. comel :)

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